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在冠军立博中文学院®, our number 1 focus is your successful career in the 立博中文 industry. We feel that we provide an unparalleled 立博中文 education in Texas and our customers agree! 当立博中文版扩展到其他州, that enthusiasm and satisfaction has spread to include people from all over the country! 以下是他们不得不说的话!




S. 练习刀功

我选择冠军是因为每个人都在现实中 达拉斯的立博中文行业告诉我,那是最好的地方! 我把冠军Live! 并参加了预备课程 两次,这使我第一次通过考试. 老师和课程都很出色. 谢谢, 冠军!


我只是想顺便感谢你们所有人对我的帮助 我的国家和国家考试. 我在Gold做过贷款处理 过去7年的财务记录. 我试着去参加国民大会 exam when we were first required to be licensed just to satisfy my 主管的要求. 作为一名处理器,我确信自己会通过考试 考试. 我错了. 快进到今天,我的上司 再次要求我参加考试以获得驾照. 已经 defeated once and now having several more years of Processing under my belt, I realized that it was time for me to rid myself of 'the monkey 在我的背上.“我也报名参加了冠军杯20小时的课程 作为国家和国家预备课程. 我得说,牺牲工作 days and 2 weekend days didn't really sound like my cup of tea per say. 然而,帕特让它变得有趣和信息丰富. 有了这种互动 我非常. 帕特不仅教了立博中文版课程材料,而且还教了立博中文版 教立博中文版测试技巧. 现在所有这些工具都触手可及 我觉得我已经准备好参加考试了. 为了准备考试,我重读了一遍 the course material while taking notes and marking where I felt I struggled. I then re-took all of the chapter quizzes and then took some mock exams. 每答错一道题,我都会重新复习这一部分. 早上 of, I reviewed my notes and re-reviewed my struggles, took a deep breadth 告诉自己我需要尝试一下. 在我考试的时候,和帕特一样 instructed, I read the question, read the answers, re-read the question 然后重新问了自己这个问题. 我是通过反复问自己才发现的 the questions, I was able to see what questions were designed to trick you. 我只标记了很少的问题来复习. 当我回去复习的时候,我可以 not find a better reason to change my answer so as Pat had instructed, I 没有改变我的答案.

我真的很感激那些日子 和你们所有人一起度过. 帕特是个有趣的好老师. 其余的 冠军 Staff was very welcoming and inviting and conversational all the 同时保持专业的氛围. 当我决定进一步 pursue my career more (as Pat would say, 'I will not have just one source 我肯定会再来找你们的. 你们都是 blessing for me and because of all of you, I am well on my way to a new 职业生涯中的一章. 我会永远把你们推销给所有愿意的人 听,问.



DJ Friese

My name is DJ Friese, most recent student of the Professional 冠军杯的家庭检查课程. 我刚参加了州/国家考试 17年7月7日的考试,第一次就通过了. 我感激不尽 of Thanks to 冠军立博中文学院 at the Houston North Branch and 感谢帮助我完成这一任务的员工. 我得说说我的经验 attending courses there, whether past or present, has always been exemplary and of the utmost professionalism that shows and bleeds thru each and every 工作人员有. 我想亲自感谢她. 感谢丽塔有远见 of success and obviously her passion for helping people has bled over into 代表冠军立博中文公司的伟大员工.

我还想感谢史密斯夫人. 朗达琳·莱利,过去是我的 instructor for the CPO class I attended 4 years ago which was my very first experience with 冠军 课程s and was my instructor recently for all my 首页 Inspector courses except 考试 prep course. 每一个人 knows that not anyone can stand in front of a large group and hold their attention for more than 5 mins unless you have a passion for what you do. Mrs Rhondalyn is a valuable tool and asset as an instructor there and her 知识和教学风格是无可挑剔的. 她坚持学习 experience interesting and enjoyable the entire time each day even though 有些课程长达10个小时..我不想停下来休息 她喊着要休息.

另一个要感谢的是Mr. 罗伊·卡特也学到了很多 体验愉快的备考课程. 他也很有知识 而且对自己的事业充满热情. 我相信所有的教官都 same as well which whom I haven't met or Mrs Rita wouldn't have them there 我相信. I look forward to a most successful and glorious career as a 首页 Inspector which I have been dreaming about since I began a construction 公司在1990年. 真不敢相信我居然是一名职业房屋检查员.

I really want to thank you also Mrs Janie for helping me and answering all my questions and following up with my certificates ensuring that I had all the 成功的工具和材料. 我看得出来你对你的工作很有激情. A blind person could walk in there and tell right away just from the sound from each and every one of the staff that there is an atmosphere of pride and the 大家都很高兴在冠军杯工作. 那种气氛肯定 血也流到了我身上. 这让我希望有一天我也能在那里工作 either as an instructor or just being on the staff in some capacity.

I never told anyone this but I was a Pastor for over 17 years and thru that experience I developed a lifestyle of not just speaking 积极的 reinforcement into other people's lives but lived it as well. 我是一个励志的人 speaker and I love being around 积极的 people and helping others to become 积极的. I literally didn't run into one person while I was there who wasn't 积极的. I look forward to attending additional classes there in the future. On a last note, I want to say if 冠军 wants to use me as a testimonial, I would proudly state my success story on how 冠军 立博中文 courses have 帮助我实现了这一目标. 再次感谢勇士们.'


Just wanted to commend 冠军 School Of 立博中文 for their 优秀的课程. 我在其他3-4所学校上课,包括 the 评估 Institute, and find that 冠军立博中文学院 is 在名单的顶端!!!!! 这是我现在唯一想上的学校, ,强烈推荐. 学校的氛围和老师是绝对的 杰出的. All of the instructors that I have encountered at 冠军 是最伟大的!!!!!!!!!!!!!